Life is ever changing, unpredictable and uncertain.Requirement of car title transfer may arise in different situations of life. Whenever you need to do title transfer of a vehicle you need DMV services for your help. You may need to change the name of car owner while buying or selling of car, transfer to family, paying off your loan, making corrections in name, name change after marriage or divorce.

A car title is the document that confirms ownership of a vehicle. In order to change it, the designated owner and recipient have to undergo the complete process of title transfer. Interested party must inquire the department of his state or the company from which he avails DMV registration services.

Below are the detailed descriptions of the possible cases:

auto-registration-near-me1)Selling or buying a vehicle- In most of the states, bill of sale is required which outlines the terms and conditions of the exchange between two parties. It consists of the vehicle identification number, purchase price, model and year of vehicle. Be prepared to pay a little fee for transfer.

auto-registration-near-me2)Family title transfer- Title transfer is followed even when it is transferred from one family member to other. Process of transferring title remains almost the same as in selling or buying of car. Consideration for a family vehicle title transfer is given only to spouses, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and partners.


3)Paying off a loan- Once you pay off your car loan, the lien holder is removed from the title. When you receive the lien on mail, make an appointment with DMV or you can hire third party service provider for the same. You should be submitting the lien release, vehicle title transfer application and the transfer fee. Additional processing fee will be charge if you want to mail the documents.

This should be remembered that the laws differ from state to state. Employing professionals to do the job is a useful hack.


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